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Here are some questions that come up frequently. We will add to this page often!!

I'm not Local to Oklahoma. Do you ship? 

Yes! We have several travel options available for our babies.
We are always happy to drive to meet closer (up to 2 hours)  for our puppy families. If you are very far away from us, we would love to talk more about the following options!

1) We can hand deliver your baby to your local airport.

We offer this service for $250, plus the cost airfare/pet fees, which varies depending on destination and how early you book the flight. The sooner we book, the cheaper. We can work with you to find the cheapest option on airfare. Puppies are required to be pretty small to fly in-cabin, so we always aim to fly during the puppy's 8th or 9th week, so there aren't any size constraints. 

2) We can fly the puppy via American Airlines Cargo.

We have flown our babies to PA, GA, IA, MN, OH, and CA so far using this method. Each time, we have had really good experiences. The cost for this is $550. This covers the flight, a medium sized crate that you get to keep, and the USDA health certificate.

How Flying puppies via Cargo works:
1. The puppy must get a certified health exam within 10 days of flying (we cover this expense)
2. We must buy an airline approved crate that the puppy comfortably fits
3. We schedule the flight to the destination of your choice
4. We bring the puppy and paperwork to DFW airport the day of the flight. The kennel staff carefully looks over all of the paperwork and the condition of the crate/puppy. The puppy must have a full food and water bowl attached to the crate for the flight. He or she will also have clean potty pads, collar/leash, a bag of food, and all registration and vet records attached to the top of the crate. The crate door is secured with plastic ties, along with the corners for safety. 
5. The puppy flies to your airport in a temperature controlled, pressurized kennel area specialized for animal crates. Puppies do not fly with luggage like the old days. Most flights are only 2-3 hours, max.
6. You pick up at a designated pickup area at your airport, with 2 forms of ID. Most people use your photo ID, along with a debit/credit card with your name on it. 

This option requires temperatures at departing and landing to be between 20-85 degrees F. so the puppies don't have the risk of getting too cold or hot during loading. So, we may not be able to do this during cold winters or our very hot summers.

3) We pick a puppy driver together.

The most common way to do this is through Citizen Shipper, where you post exactly where you need the puppy picked up and dropped off, and then various drivers around the country post their bids on how much they're willing to drive the puppy for.  We work hard to pick an experienced, insured, careful driver who will communicate well, keep our baby happy and clean, and be very diligent about keeping our baby safe. We want you a part of picking who we use, too! With Citizen Shipper, we can view past customers who have used the driver, read references, view qualifications/licensing, etc.

We are starting to meet more and more drivers the longer we do this, so we may even have one in mind!


How much is Shipping?

Shipping must be covered by the new owner. 

These are the current transport costs-

1) Driving to meet:

The first 2 hours I drive in any direction are free. I may ask for reimbursement for fuel for anything longer than that.

2) Flying WITH your puppy to your nearest airport:

It varies depending on airline ticket costs.

We do this for $250 plus the cost of airfare/pet fees. For an estimate, feel free to contact us and we'll take a look at fights and fees. The farther out the flying date, the lower the cost of tickets usually. So, it's better to get the ball rolling sooner, rather than later, if you're considering getting a baby from us using this method.

3) American Airlines Cargo:

$550. This price includes the airline approved travel crate, which you'll get to keep; the two bowls that are attached to the crate door; the USDA health certificate needed to fly; and the flight itself.

4) Puppy Drivers:

It varies by distance and company used, can vary greatly.


Do you require Deposits? 

Yes. We do this for the sake of our babies.

Unfortunately, we have reserved babies for people without a deposit and passed up numerous fitting homes, only to have the person completely disappear without letting us know circumstances of getting the puppy have changed. That hurts not us, but our babies, who need to be in their new homes at weaning age. At weaning age, the babies are much more adaptable and pick up on their new family's life style and schedules MUCH quicker than an older puppy/adult. Once we have kept a puppy for several weeks/months past weaning age, we get very attached and so do the puppies. So, we only reserve puppies with a deposit, which shows you are serious about actually getting the puppy.

Your deposit will reserve the puppy until he or she is ready to go home.
The deposit will be $500, then the rest is due upon pickup/shipping. We are willing to provide a contract covering us and you.

We understand how reluctant/cautious some people are about sending deposits, as there are SO MANY scams out there and VERY little being done about it. We completely understand.

My advice to anyone considering sending a deposit, is VIDEO CHAT first. Make sure that baby actually exists. Don't just view videos and pictures....those can be easily stollen and faked. Ask for references, ask to see the parent's papers, ask for health testing, ask for vet references. Any good breeder will 100% understand and won't be bothered by your questions.

How early can puppies go home?

Our puppies never go home before 8 wks.
There is SO MUCH puppies learn in the first 8 weeks; most importantly, social skills. Their momma and siblings teach them many things, from manners, to being able to read other dog's body language. We will not negotiate on this rule.

What is the process in aquiring an OrangeLine puppy?

We like to get to know our potential puppy owners. We encourage anyone interested to apply!
We are not wanting to know things about your family to be nosy or judgemental; just to make sure our babies will fit in with your family well, and not be rehomed due to any reasons you may not have considered initially.

So, we like to talk and get to know the details of your household and your commitment towards getting a new puppy. Your understanding about the grooming needs, your willingness and ability to provide proper vet care, etc. We are open minded with families. Apartments are welcome, as long as you are committed to the time it takes to walk the dog each day and give him or her proper exercise. Families with children are welcome, as long as you are willing to teach both dog and child how to be respectful of one another.

After that, you are welcome to pick your puppy.
We are happy to send pictures, videos, video chat, etc.
Once we receive your deposit to hold your baby, we will update you regularly until your baby is ready to go home. We usually do official photoshoots every Sunday, then quick snap shots/videos throughout the week.
At 8 wks, you are welcome to come pick your baby up in person, or shipping is also an option (see above for shipping info). 

How can I join your waitlist?

Families interested in joining our waitlist for upcoming litters are welcome to contact us via our "contact us" submission form on this website, email, or by calling/texting us. We'd love to talk about when you are hoping to get a puppy, if you have a preferable gender, etc. We always like to talk about things you can be doing to prepare for a puppy, and keep you updated as the breedings take place and as momma progresses throughout her pregnancy. 

It is free to join our waitlist. We do not start accepting deposits until puppies are 2 weeks, and we are sure each and every puppy is healthy and thriving.

Have questions that were not answered here? Ask!

We will be adding to this page soon.

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